Calant Industries is based in Calgary, Canada. We represent steel manufacturers on the Canadian and European markets. Please select one to learn more about our company and the steel suppliers we represent.

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Calant Industries exclusively represents Metalogalva of Portugal in the Canadian Market

Founded in 1971, Irmãos Silvas, S.A. – Metalogalva, Engineering and Protection Steel designs and manufactures metal structures, being one of the largest manufacturer of public lighting systems and other infrastructures for the sectors of energy transportation, telecommunications, roadways and railways. Metalogalva belongs to Vigent Group which investments cover diverse areas such as engineering and steel protection (case of Metalogalva), industry and commerce of products from the Sea, and the development and management of real estate assets. The policies adopted by Metalogalva reflect Vigent Group's commitments to its stakeholders, in addition to focusing on strategic and sustainable development to be able to create value for customers and shareholders.

Metalogalva owns five industrial units with a total area of 60 440 m² located in 199 000 m² of ground which services include sheet metal transformation, sheet metal bevelling, ory-fuel/plasma/laser cutting/sheet metal cutting and punching, metalworking, welding, galvanizing, spray painting and electrostatic painting. In addition to the services previously appointed Metalogalva is equipped with a modern hot dip galvanizing unit including a centrifugal galvanizing system, where it processes its own products as well as galvanizing services to third parties. It is also equipped with a fully automated electrostatic painting (powder coating) unit and two spray painting booths.

Metalogalva is providing the design and manufacturing of the steel structures for the following product categories:

  • Transmission and Distribution Steel structures
  • Renewables
  • Lighting poles
  • High Masts
  • Telecommunication towers
  • Road Safety Guardrails
  • Rails for bridges
  • Safety rails
  • Railway poles


steel bolts, studs, rods, nuts, washers and tubes
steel bolts, studs, rods, nuts, washers and tubes
steel bolts, studs, rods, nuts, washers and tubes
steel bolts, studs, rods, nuts, washers and tubes

More About Metalogalva

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Calant Industries Europe exclusively represents in the Benelux, Italian based, Arvedi Tubi Acciaio (“Arvedi”), which is one of the leading steel tube manufacturers in Europe and part of a solid manufacturing group. Calant Industries Europe can also be a partner in your quest for large diameter tubes (>355 mm) for whatever tubular norm or application needed, from South Korean or North American origin.

arvedi steel tubes
steel bolts, studs, rods, nuts, washers and tubes
steel bolts, studs, rods, nuts, washers and tubes
arvedi europe steel manufacturing
steel bolts, studs, rods, nuts, washers and tubes


Arvedi’s large range of welded carbon steel tubes covers the needs requested by a large number of segments. Produced on state of the art production lines and with a drive for continuous improvement, Arvedi guaranties the highest in product quality.


Calant Industries Europe can be a partner in providing you with:

  • Round, square and rectangular structural tubes
  • Welded cold sized tubes for precision application in the automotive industry
  • GSM tubes for mechanical purposes
  • Steel tubes for boilers and heat exchangers
  • Hollows for cold drawing
  • Consolidation with self-drilling anchor systems and expandable rock bolting systems as well as micropiles
  • District heating and cooling pipes
  • Gas and water pipe for civil and industrial installations
  • AD-PE for flame-proof and explosion-proof safety electrical equipment
  • OCTG tubing and casing according to API 5 CT

Featured Product

  • Certified and marked according to norm EN 10210 of Hot Finished Tubes for Structural Purposes.
  • Standard steel grades S235JRH, S275J2H, S355J2H. Other steel grades are available on request.
  • Smooth and homogenous surface. Without trace of calamine.
  • Low superficial roughness.
  • The surface is more suitable for further surface treatments: it's basically ready to be varnished.
  • The radius of the corners with homogenous wall thickness on the whole section and lengths. The main plus is vs. seamless that typically suffer with over material on the corners.
  • Reduced at minimum the range of mechanical properties.
  • Product can be customized upon request in terms of length, steel grade, dimension (imperial size), non-standard requirements, and marking.
  • Internal scarfing is possible on request, on the full dimensional range.
  • Welding area with higher corrosion resistance properties.
  • Reduced lead time, 4 to 6 weeks from PO issuance also for not available items.
  • Leonardo tube can satisfy the surface conditions as per normal EN 10163–3: 2004,. Class D, subclass 3 (the toughest).

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